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This web page is to help busy parents to quickly find, on one page, all the Colchester based Nursery School, Kindergarten, Montessori School and childcare websites.
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Why do these Colchester nursery schools need such a list?

Unfortunately, ninety five percent of these nurseries' websites do not directly show up in Google searches of the Internet. There are plenty of online directories covering the area of Colchester with a listing of Nursery Schools and Kindergartens. However, most of these directories are inconvenient for busy parents. They don't have all the websites directly linked on one page for quick and easy reference and use. It's a case of the commercial interests of directories superceding the needs of users.

Helping parents find you and getting the edge in the Colchester Nursery School market

If you are the owner of a Colchester based Nursery School, Kindergarten or Montessori Nursery School you are in luck. You don't have to rely on the poor service of internet directories to get your share of interested parents.

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Directory of Colchester Nursery Schools, Kindergartens and Montessori Nursery Schools with active websites

Nursery Schools & Kindergartens

Montessori Nursery Schools/Kindergartens

To ensure this list remains up to date please feel free to email us via   details of nursery schools in Colchester that have come online or no longer have an active website. Thank you.

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is a german word and its literal translation is "garden of children". In 1837, an educational reformer, Friedrich Froebel, coined the term Kindergarten. He founded a school he called the Kindergarten for Play and Activity Institue in Blankenburg, Germany.

Froebel's study and understanding of child development brought him to the conclusion that effective education in young children is achieved through play. The acceptance and spreading of this principle in the German education system proved to be a struggle during his life time.

However, his followers took up his doctrine and established Kindergartens around the world, including the UK, Holland, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Japan, Canada and the USA. As a consequence, the Kindergarten movement has strongly influenced the practices in Infant and Nursery education of these countries to this day.

For further reading on Kindergarten movement and Freidrich Froebel: The term Kindergarten is often loosely used in the UK as part of names of private nursery schools which provide full daycare services for children of working parents.