Are you an Essex or Suffolk business, with a website, operating in Colchester, Ipswich, Braintree, Chelmsford, or anywhere else in these counties?

It is most likely you need our SEO (search engine optimisation), copy writing and web design services. Read to the bottom of this article to find out why.

If you don't need to then pat yourself on the back for a job well done and start your own SEO consultancy.

Your website should be more easily found by the search engines if your business has a specific local/regional customer base that only covers let's say Colchester or Ipswich, Chelmsford or Southend, Essex or Suffolk. This is true for Google, MSN, Yahoo or any other efficient search engine your customers might use.

You should be concerned if your web site is not automatically indexed near the top, among the first 30 or 40 entries by Google, Yahoo or MSN.

You should re-assess your situation if you have to rely on pay per click advertising to get all your website visitors.

There are many factors affecting how easily your website is found on the Internet by potential customers. One of the easiest to rectify or make a positive contribution to your web site's presence is SEO or search engine optimisation.

What is SEO and how does it affect your website?

To put it simply it's words. Not any old words, but words and phrases used by your customers in their searches for businesses like yours.

Some businesses just use photographic images of their printed brochures to promote themselves and supply content for their web sites. They fail to be properly indexed by the search engines as they only find words/digital text intelligible and relevant.

Getting your website visible by SEO may mean that your present website copy or 'text' images will have to be replaced with search engine friendly copy. But don't forget that this text needs to be human friendly copy too. What's the use of bringing plenty of visitors to your site and and getting no enquiries or sales?

So what to do now? You can read more about SEO and search engine marketing. You can even read how to do it yourself SEO. There also many resources on the web providing free information on optimisation and how to achieve an effective web site. Jill Whalen's website is one of the most open, honest and down to earth you'll find anywhere on the net. It also has a forum that could be of help and has lively discussions.

However, all this aside, you'll probably have not the time or interest to do it on your own. And why should you? Your expertise and efforts are focused on running your business. Our business is to get you more and better targeted visitors to your website.

So why not contact us or call Rory on 07709978942 and let us help you improve your website's optimisation? And also provide copy that converts your visitors into customers that contact you.

The business websites detailed below have all been search engine optimised. Some have been optimised from day one of being published. Others have had a complete remedial re write of text/website copy.

Example of search engine optimised and copy written websites

Moving up the indexes or moving home - this company does both

Schofield Removals is a good example of a company that dipped its toe into the Internet with a self built website. Their basic web site demonstrated that there were customers out there using the web to locate and commission removal companies' services. Just how many more people could be brought to their website when the copy writing and search engine optimisation is done effectively was something the company directors were unaware of.

In fact, the number of visitors this year has increased by 481% on the old website's highest annual recorded number. Looking at the table of index positioning you'll immediately see how well Schofield's website is indexed in the search returns for phrases locally specific to its regions of trading. More impressive still is the indexing of Schofield's site for general phrases like "house removal france".

To put these stats into context, a search for "house removal colchester" , on 18.07.2007, in Google, returned Schofield's website as the 3rd entry in 271,000 entries. While a "house removal france" search came back with Schofield's as 19th entry in 1,860,000. That is a lot of competing websites and businesses to have beaten!

The copy writing for human beings for this site has also been spot on. It is obvious the writing represents and promotes the personality and operating culture of this company perfectly as over 90% of Schofield's website enquiries leads to jobs.
Schofield Removals
" - " the dash in the table below indicates that this business's web site was not found in the first 70 entries
Schofield Removals website
Search Phrase - position in the search engines (20.07.2007) Google MSN Yahoo
house removal colchester 3 3 2
house removal essex 4 8 2
house removal ipswich 2 4 2
house removal suffolk 5 2 6
home removal colchester 1 1 -
home removal france 18 12 -
storage colchester 3 22 -
piano storage colchester 1 1 1
piano storage essex 2 7 -
piano removal colchester 9 3 1
piano removal essex 3 3 -
corporate relocation essex 3 12 -
business removal colchester 16 21 24
Search Results returned for

Counsellors need index therapy?

If you are a therapist or counsellor with a website you are one of thousands practicing up and down the UK. In fact if you search with Google for a therapist in the UK you get a listing of 1,970,00 entries! So how on earth do you raise your website's profile in the search engines? It's not so difficult when you realise that the distance clients are willing to regularly travel to your practice is fairly short. Localisation is the key. "therapist essex" returns 732,000 entries. Still a bit steep. "therapist colchester" returns 250,000 entries. Getting better. But something more specific like "psychodynamic therapist colchester" brings the listed web pages to a mere 289!

With good web orientated copy writing and optimisation you could have yourself a website that makes a contribution to attracting new clients to your practice. Essex Counselling Practice has just the right structure and content and consequently attracts a good volume of visitors.

However no two markets are the same and counselling is singularly different from most sectors on the internet. Experience has shown that a high proportion of people searching the web for therapists are not really 'ready' to make the transition from wanting therapy and being able to face a therapist in the real world with their problems. A particularly empathetic writing style is needed to encourage these people to communicate and even then a first appointment is often subsequently cancelled. Surprisingly enough, many counsellor websites are short on empathy. Putting yourself in the potential customers shoes is always a good maxim whatever business or service you are trying to promote.

It should be noted that large organizations do not necessarily get SEO right. Essex Counselling Practice has been indexed above a major child adoption charity (offering post adoption support) and a local authority web site for the search phrase "adoption counselling colchester" in Google for sometime.

On reflection, if you want a website that's not invisible on the net and talks to your clients then do what Essex Counselling Practice did and use our SEO, copy writing and web design services. The statistics below speak for themselves.
Essex Counselling Practice
" - " the dash in the table below indicates not found in the first 70 entries
essex couselling pratice website
Search Phrase - position in the search engines (07.09.2007) Google MSN Yahoo
adoption counselling 16 87 96
post adoption counselling 14 28 -
adoption counselling colchester 2 1 2
adoption counselling chelmsford 1 2 1
adoption counselling ipswich 1 2 1
adoption counselling essex 1 1 1
stress counselling colchester 2 6 2
stress counselling essex 9 10 4
elderly counselling colchester 2 2 1
elderly counselling essex 2 1 1
depression counselling colchester 1 6 3
depression counselling essex 5 7 4
person centred counselling colchester 3 4 2
person centred counselling essex 2 3 2
relationship therapy essex 8 5 6
Search Results returned for

Not sitting on the fence

There is sometimes a time delay between publishing a website/submiting to search engines and getting it ranked within the search engines. Some call this the sandbox effect. It doesn't seem to be happening here. Recently published Boxted Fencing Panels has zoomed up the indexes and is returning well for these targeted search phrases. It demonstrates that Essex SME's can be effective on a small budget.
Boxted Fencing Panels
" - " the dash in the table below indicates not found in the first 70 entries
Boxted fencing Panels's website
Search Phrase - position in the search engines (20.07.2007) Google MSN Yahoo
fencing panels colchester 2 1 3
fencing panels essex 18 5 -
fence panels colchester 1 1 1
fencing products colchester 1 1 1
fencing installer colchester 2 - -
fencing installer essex 5 1 -
fencing manufacturer colchester 1 1 1
fencing manufacturer essex 77 1 47
Search Results returned for

When you consider that people use Google, and other search engines, 80% of the time to locate websites and information on the Internet it becomes obvious that your website could be working a lot harder for you. Like putting a message in a bottle and casting it into the sea, putting up a website is easy enough to do these days. Being found and read is another matter. Get hold of us now for some help: or use our contact form.

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