Hi, you may have just come from Schofield Removals!

I hope that they fulfilled your removal needs. They are one progressive company that has reaped the benefits of a search engine optimised website coupled with friendly copy and design. While many removal firms have folded up during the depressed housing market and recession in the economy Schofield Removals has been more than keeping afloat.

Do you by any chance, run a business? If you do congratulations! You've just made a smart decision to land on this page. You are probably aware that these days more and more people are using the web to get information on businesses to help them decide who can help them supply a service or product they want.

Other than in emergencies or for the relative few people who don't surf the net the Yellow Pages are no longer your direct link to customers. But unlike telephone directories being found on the web is not guaranteed.

Google is the answer many web savvy people would say. Yes - it can be part of the answer to being found on the web. With Google and the other search engines, like Yahoo and Bing, you have the option of paying to be found through advertising (Adwords). Or you can have your site search engine optimised which basically means that your site has the content and structure changed so that it is liked by the search engines and your potential customers. If done successfully it results in your website coming to the top of the list of people's search enquiry results - for free!

So how is your website doing? Disappointed with its performance? The number of web enquiries below expectations? Join the club most businesses have been let down by the industry and media hype. Sure, getting on to the net has never been easier. Paying a lot or 'nothing' at all for a website has never been easier. The problem is being found, making conversions, making a return on your investment. A hard problem, I know, but it can be resolved with good, honest, advice and creative work. You get this and more from Left Angle.

And you don't have to believe what many search engine marketing companies say that you need constant monitoring and volumes of reports in exchange of a hefty fee. Depending on the competition level of the your business sector on the web you may only need your website optimised once to get a good ranking in Google. Then occasional additions to the content of your site can keep it 'topped up' in the listings.

So are you going to make your second smart decision today? Contact Rory on 07709978942 or go and fill out the form below and receive some help with your website. Get in touch, now, and take a step closer to realising the full potential of the Internet for your business.

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