Customers, Customers, Customers.

The marketing mantra for businesses and the internet is customers, customers, customers. It should be your number one focus, too.

Who, where, why?

Forget the belief a wesite is just what your business needs. At this stage, it is far too early in your thinking. The web is such an engulfing, complex and ever changing medium - what you need now is a plan, a strategy - a marketing plan that determines:
  • Who are your customers?
  • Do they surf the net?
  • Where do they surf the net?
  • Do they search the net for your services or products?
  • Why do they search the net for your services or products - for speed? For quick comparison? For convenience? For cost/money savings? For confidence to buy without sales pressure? From geographic necessity? What information do they want to see and it is not necessarily what you want to put before them?

Find, engage, convert

Once this intelligence has been collected and the needs and motivations of your customers, in general, have been identified you can determine what sort of internet presence you require or campaign to run. There are many different technologies and approaches to take on the web to find, engage and convert your customers into sales. You could use any one or combination of these: email campaigns, viral campaigns, newsletters, articles, rss feeds, news portals, chat rooms, social network sites, directories, search engines, google advertising, social video and photography sites, blogs forums, portals, ebooks, pdf's, your own static brochure site, or dynamic website, or flash website.

Today getting an internet presence is made relatively easy. The trick is to make your presence pay, get a good return on your investment. It should at the very least be an effective promotional and communication tool for your business.

Who, how, what

It is all a bit like fishing. The successful fisherman matches his fishing tackle, his bait and his location with the fish he is after. Even then nothing is cast iron guaranteed. It is the same with the Internet. You need to focus on:
  • Who you want to reach?
  • How you are going to reach them?
  • What you want to gain from it?
  • How you are going to make these gains?
So the first thing you need to do is find a competent internet marketing outfit / consultant or do the research and thinking yourself to produce a marketing plan. Go do the research and ask the questions. Only with a marketing plan sorted you can proceed with condfidence to find an organisation or individuals to build your website or web campaign. One word of warning, if you are going to have a website and rely on the 80 percent of people who use search engines to find you, be sure your website producers know something about search engine optimisation (SEO). Otherwise you could join the majority of businesses with an invisible web presence or paying out hefty advertising bills to get noticed. Click here to read more on search engines and SEO.

If you are new to the internet, then, this article probably reads rather in the abstract. Don't worry, future articles will look at case studies and put flesh on marketing bones.

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